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QR Code Style Generator Api.
Give life to your QR Code with colors and custom graphics. PNG&SVG and data base64 format.
!!! The svg and png image files returned from the API are saved for a short time. Please do not forget to save the returned files on your own system.
These files are periodically deleted from our system.!!!

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API Documentation

QRCodeStyling instance

new QRCodeStyling(options) => QRCodeStyling

optionsobjectInit object

options structure

PropertyTypeDefault ValueDescription
widthnumber300Size of canvas
heightnumber300Size of canvas
typestring ('canvas' 'svg')canvasThe type of the element that will be rendered
datastring The date will be encoded to the QR code . If you want to create a VCARD, the format should be like this; "data": "BEGIN:VCARD\rVERSION:3.0\nN:Michel;Jack\nORG:Solutera\nEMAIL;TYPE=INTERNET:test@test.com\nURL:www.solutera.com.tr\nTEL:+18565854545\nADR:;;;Newyork;;;USA\nEND:VCARD",
imagestring The image will be copied to the center of the QR code. If you don’t want to use image, please don’t remove the tag but leave it blank. “”
marginnumber0Margin around canvas
qrOptionsobject Options will be passed to qrcode-generator lib
imageOptionsobject Specific image options, details see below
dotsOptionsobject Dots styling options
cornersSquareOptionsobject Square in the corners styling options
cornersDotOptionsHelperobject Dots in the corners styling options
backgroundOptionsobject QR background styling options

options.qrOptions structure

PropertyTypeDefault Value
typeNumbernumber (0 - 40)0
modestring ('Numeric' 'Alphanumeric' 'Byte' 'Kanji') 
errorCorrectionLevelstring ('L' 'M' 'Q' 'H')'Q'

options.imageOptions structure

PropertyTypeDefault ValueDescription
hideBackgroundDotsbooleantrueHide all dots covered by the image
imageSizenumber0.4Coefficient of the image size. Not recommended to use ove 0.5. Lower is better
marginnumber0Margin of the image in px
crossOriginstring('anonymous' 'use-credentials') Set “anonymous” if you want to download QR code from other origins.

options.dotsOptions structure

PropertyTypeDefault ValueDescription
colorstring'#000'Color of QR dots
gradientobject Gradient of QR dots
typestring ('rounded' 'dots' 'classy' 'classy-rounded' 'square' 'extra-rounded')'square'Style of QR dots

options.backgroundOptions structure

PropertyTypeDefault Value

options.cornersSquareOptions structure

PropertyTypeDefault ValueDescription
colorstring Color of Corners Square
gradientobject Gradient of Corners Square
typestring ('dot' 'square' 'extra-rounded') Style of Corners Square

options.cornersDotOptions structure

PropertyTypeDefault ValueDescription
colorstring Color of Corners Dot
gradientobject Gradient of Corners Dot
typestring ('dot' 'square') Style of Corners Dot

Gradient structure





PropertyTypeDefault ValueDescription
typestring ('linear' 'radial')“linear”Type of gradient spread
rotationnumber0Rotation of gradient in radians (Math.PI === 180 degrees)
colorStopsarray of objects Gradient colors. Example [{ offset: 0, color: 'blue' }, { offset: 1, color: 'red' }]

Gradient colorStops structure





PropertyTypeDefault ValueDescription
offsetnumber (0 - 1) Position of color in gradient range
colorstring Color of stop in gradient range
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